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March 2002

Countries are sending spam now??

Dear Sir or Madam ,

How many times did you wish you could start all over again? Live a better life? Be part of the Greatest
[sic] Democracy and Join The Land of Infinite Opportunities The USA!

(From something called the Green Card Visa Lottery)

Michiel H. wrote on 2002/03/25:
Terugkomen op een gemaakte beslissing is n van de zwakheden van de mens. Zeuren over je leven ook. Ik blijf lekker in NL!

huphtur wrote on 2002/03/25:
zeuren is tiepisch (spelling?) nederlandsch

Mike D wrote on 2002/03/26:
The program itself is real (55,000 applicants picked per year), but some sleasy companies like "" promise that they can improve your odds; really all they do is charge to make sure applications are formatted correctly.

huphtur wrote on 2002/03/26: