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March 2002

To the person Googling for "removing line break after h1", try adding h1{margin-bottom:0px} or h1{display:inline} to your stylesheet.

spoutnik wrote on 2002/05/17:
try negative margins
h1 { margin : -0.5em 0em ; }
work in IE6/win

merloc wrote on 2002/07/27:
Man, it creeped me out I typed "removing line space after h1" into google, and this comment popped up...

I tried padding, and line spacing, etc. The only thing that works in IE6 seems to be display:inline

Little Pear wrote on 2003/05/11:
Hallelujah. I googled for "space after H1" and found this solution. Thank you!But... Where am I? What is this place? And what's that faint smell of patchoulli in the room?

Frank wrote on 2003/11/25:
I was having the same problem today. But I had two headings in one document and noticed that one had a spacing problem after it, but the other didn't. The one without the problem had a table in front of it. So I took an "/table" all by itself and put it in front of the other heading. Bingo. It worked. I hope this orphan code doesn't cause me a problem later though.