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April 2002

cowboybebop_denhaag.jpg - click for larger version

Whoa... I'm watching Cowboy Bebop, episode 20 ('Pierrot le Fou'), and for a fraction of a second, I think I notice a Dutch street sign for the city of The Hague (aka Den Haag) scrolling in view during a cyberspace sequence. Rewind: yep, it's actually there. How cool is that?!

Also, sorta related: during a recent BBC documentary on the computer game industry, they showed a filler scene of a busy Japanese street where a girl walked by who just happened to wear what I'm sure was a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of Van Vliet, a local waste disposal company. And I mean *really* local - a short walk from here! Coincidences, hmm...

lok wrote on 2002/04/22:
cool! wondering whether you have ever seen another anime called "Lain: Serial Experiments". Recommended!!!

milov wrote on 2002/04/22:
Indeed I have... Also very cool! Although it's somewhat scary/depressing at times.