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May 2002 minimalistic webdesign compo - year three
One month 'till deadline... get busy. 5120 bytes seems very roomy now, after coding for the 256 byte compo ;)

Related: 'hungry little frog', my 5k entry from two years ago.

iotic wrote on 2002/05/13:


maybe i'll enter ...

milov wrote on 2002/05/13:
cool stuff, iotic!
original feedback loop idea...

iotic wrote on 2002/05/13:
thank you sir! now i just gotta work out what to do with the other 2.9k :-)

milov wrote on 2002/05/13:
Maybe I'll make one 5120-byte entry containing twenty of my 256-byte compo ideas. ^_^

iotic wrote on 2002/05/13:
*D i know what u mean - after 256b it's hard to imagine how to fill up 5120b of html ...

elout wrote on 2002/05/14:
Ok something done in the past but now at exact: 5120 bytes

Just got myself a 5k fever I guess..

iotic wrote on 2002/05/15:
hey elout!

love your stuff :-)

mados wrote on 2002/05/15:
Ah yea... don't pulish your most beautiful 256b.entries because round 2 will follow some time after the 5k deadline.

elout wrote on 2002/05/19:
btw. for the director-lingo people here.. I just found out, if you change, save and publish, the same 'named' shockwave thing over and over again, the dcr-file-size grows bigger. If you save it under a new name, and publish it, it can shrink in size (for the file i`m working on it became 2000 bytes smaller)

iotic wrote on 2002/05/19:
i know, crazy isn't it!

i find it comes out best if i re-login to windows, create a new file and paste the script into it. bizarre.