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May 2002

iambald 106

Using dashed borders in dhtml is fun... lots more detail/chaos/motion without adding more divs.

Update: click once to pause (and admire) the pattern. Click again to resume animation.

wrote on 2002/05/31:
dash it all

that's very cool

iotic wrote on 2002/05/31:
ps that was me :-)

kapp wrote on 2002/06/01:
dark ;-)

milov wrote on 2002/06/01:
too dark?

pinder wrote on 2002/06/02:
the iam/bald series is the only time i ever open IE, but not this time...yay it works in mozilla! :)

becky wrote on 2002/06/02:
Very nice!

steven+streight+aka+vaspers+the+grate wrote on 2004/11/24:
Sortov cool, this here. Works in Firefox. Nice going.