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June 2002

Color cube - interesting 3D color picker idea: a rotatable cube (drag with mouse). From

drunkmen wrote on 2002/06/11:
scissors & glue variant:

milov wrote on 2002/06/11:

I'm gonna carefully peruse the drunkmen archive to see what else I missed.

iotic wrote on 2002/06/11:
very nice, both

we'd like to see inside the cube though, no?

milov wrote on 2002/06/11:

drunkmen wrote on 2002/06/11:
You can, albeit archaic, create cross-sections in 3 earlier editions. Check the thematical archive under 'colour pickers'. The same goes for hsv space.

iotic wrote on 2002/06/13:
here's my first approximation - some dodgy polys but u get the idea ...

Janne Aukia wrote on 2002/06/13:
That is cool. I wouldn't have thought of making it that way.

However, the rotation would be better if it worked by rotating relative to the screen, not by changing the parameters of x and y rotation.

And sometimes the whole polugon becomes a mess. Don't know why.

iotic wrote on 2002/06/13:
your absolutely right ... have been too lazy to sort the rotation properly

the reson the thing messes up is cos of shiftdown and controldown trying to move the section face ... not working yet

23JUL wrote on 2002/06/13:
So, it's alpha channel on the inside?

iotic wrote on 2002/06/14:
it's rgb for xyz all through ... 0 to 255 edges has been updata'd ...

iotic wrote on 2002/06/16:
... re-updata'd, enlarged and improved.

shift / control to move section face forward / backward