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June 2002


4830 bytes
control: cursor keys or 2,4,6,8.
requires IE5+ or Mozilla/Netscape 6. will probably open up all entries real soon, but for those that can't wait, here's a local copy of mine.

iotic wrote on 2002/06/17:

so i guess the wierd string on your screen below is a floor map?

love it

milov wrote on 2002/06/17:
Yep, it's a compressed floormap. A = 1 block, B = 2, C = 3 etc... alternating between wall and floor (or tree and grass).

karma wrote on 2002/06/17:
De verwachtingen weer mr dan ingevuld :)

kapp wrote on 2002/06/17:

thank you

gin wrote on 2002/06/17:
hey, that's great! does he swim?

huphtur wrote on 2002/06/17:
wheres the exit?

brent wrote on 2002/06/18:
that is absolutely rad. i hope you win; you definitely deserve it.

palla wrote on 2002/06/18:
primitive man? cute! :)

Geertjan wrote on 2002/06/18:
The little guy seems immortal, he'll walk for ever. Bravo.

huphtur wrote on 2002/06/18:
For people like me, who always need a map.. here are the maps...

Adjam wrote on 2002/06/18:
Agh! now my entry is **** in comparison!! ..... still, a very good idea tho!! hope you get 1st place <after me that is> =p

Adjam wrote on 2002/06/18:
i almost forgot... put it on bald :D

milov wrote on 2002/06/18:
huphtur: cool! I only ever saw it as a pattern of 1's and 2's. :)

Adjam: I don't like reusing compo entries for (and vice versa).

zero wrote on 2002/06/18:
Congrats on this one, Milo! I was getting dizzy while reading the source code. Good work!

HZR wrote on 2002/06/18:
Haha, really nice. Cool ending ;]

laurens wrote on 2002/06/18:
Respect! Very, very cool!

karma wrote on 2002/06/18:
IE can handle more fishies?

milov wrote on 2002/06/18:
karma: apparently. Mozilla completely froze up until I reduced the number.

seg wrote on 2003/02/21:
its beautiful. i enjoyed it tremendously. i even gave it to my little brother to play with while i went downstairs eating. it drove him nuts :) he kept saying "there's got to be a way to win this Itay, i'm missing something here".
i allso looked on the code and well, the size of it makes it art on a another level.

Andy wrote on 2006/02/11:
Thats really good code there man.

Good work!

Ivan wrote on 2008/12/18:
why did i never see this one,
it's so cool, keep your bro posted!