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June 2002

'THE 2002 5K "ANYTHING GOES" ENTRIES!' are online!
Lots of cool stuff in there, so check it out and rate 'em.

Mine's here.

Also, more interesting things to find by visiting authors' sites:
- ARSEiam
- Lim->0
- halo.gen
- ...

Jeroen wrote on 2002/06/25:
very cool

iotic wrote on 2002/06/26:
i think the wolfenstein and the chess player ones are my favourites at the moment, of what i've seen.

funny how the top ones rotate as the people below try to vote them down! :-D

milov wrote on 2002/06/26:
oh dear....
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Arsis wrote on 2002/08/27:
There is so much good work in there, worth checking them all out as well as last years entires....

It looks like the voteing system too was heavily biased by the judges as the user voting was quite different to the final results.

Arsis wrote on 2002/08/27:
Milov - I loved your piece BTW :)