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October 2000

Now that the leafy new design is up and running, I might as well list some of the new and possibly interesting features:

- Larger font-size, looking 'tiny' rather than 'extremely tiny' on the Mac this time.

- Background image is based on an actual scan of a leaf I happened to catch before it dropped to the ground.

- Again, no <table>; main text is positioned by setting margin-left and margin-top of <body>, while menu and title images are floating divs.

- Dynamic mouseover effect for menu, by changing css clip property of an overlayed div based on cursor position. Should work in IE4/IE5, NS4 and Mozilla.

- Novelty scrollbar colours (IE5.5); decreases usability but looks really neat...

Like most people, I've grown accustomed to ignoring banners, but this banner starring the Linux penguin caught my eye...

That reminds me, here's a list of 11 Linux ads and posters made for Penguin Computing: - surely one of the best uses of scanned-in burnt toast as a design element I've ever seen.