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August 2002 2002 winners have been announced!
Based on the judges' ratings, my entry Reflection got positions #6 Overall, #4 Function, #4 Aesthetic Appeal, #7 Concept & Originality. Yay!

Quick links to the entries in the Top 10 Overall list:
#1 frutiger toy
#2 OZONE color CUBE
#3 flagellate
#4 ABC Kaleidoscope
#5 Night Waltz
#6 Reflection
#7 Pixel Ninja
#8 Wolfenstein 5K
#9 b k - mono
#10 window pong

Note: the Flash v. DHTML ratio is exactly 5:5.

Low wrote on 2002/08/08:
Well done!

Joeri wrote on 2002/08/08:

poi wrote on 2002/08/08:

I'm a bit puzzled by the results, I mean the 5 first entries should have been pushed way further and still fit in the 5k limit. I guess my opinion is biased by my twisted mind of tricky coder.

poi wrote on 2002/08/10:
the Flash v. DHTML distribution is highly in favor of Flash.

4 of the 5 first entries are in Flash, and Doc Ozone's entry got 4.3 points for size, without which he says he wouldn't have reached the top10

Eric wrote on 2002/08/11:
flash/java should not have been allowed. most of those winners sucked, you should have won!!

Adjam wrote on 2002/09/06:
i back from hols GRATZ u deserved 2 win =D