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August 2002

Grip by Moboid - Abstract art created with the Quake 3 engine.
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Michael wrote on 2003/06/10:
I am a student at NKHS and i was wondering When was Abstract art created? I am doing a TimeLine on the 50 most important things in history and I think that Abstract Art is one of them. Could you please help me out? Thank you a lot!

Michael wrote on 2003/06/10:
Thank you

Jason King wrote on 2004/10/14:
am doing a project on quake i have to link it with a artist named feng membo, with a thing called a nybble engine and it all has to do with surveilence is there any chance you can help please

jason king wrote on 2004/10/20:
thank you

Jason King wrote on 2004/11/24:
hello again is there any chance you could help me with some information on the Quake engine PLEASE

Taylor wrote on 2005/11/03:
Could you please tell me when Abstract Art was created. I would really apreciate it.

Lynsey wrote on 2005/11/03:
Hello everyone my name is Lynsey if you haven't noticed.Um...Well if anyone wants to e-mail me go ahead my addy is and don't you forget it ok!!!!!Well back to class talk to you all later buh bye

From:The Lynister

Fluff wrote on 2005/11/03:
Hi this is fluff aka Rachel and i just thought that this was so kool to write to this and i don't know why i'm doing it ok but hey this is really taylor fluffs friend...and fluff if your reading this HEY!!!!yeah ok now what was i talking about...well i don't know i think i should stop typing and get back to my studies lol i'm in ms turkles class trying to do my report on art and it is so boring...well talk to you later everyone well maybe if i can find this site buh bye

ICEMAN wrote on 2006/08/17:
.. lol .. sup ... and letme guess ... ur 12 13 14 years old ? lol