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August 2002

Listening to/watching: Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows (streaming Windows Media video)

Low wrote on 2002/08/28:
Got the real thing right here. I'll bring it along, next week. :-)

milov wrote on 2002/08/28:

milov wrote on 2002/08/28:
and bring one of those cds too... ;)

no3 wrote on 2002/08/30:
Neat! :)

AzureWrath wrote on 2005/05/08:
Hey thanks man
I was searching all over the place trying to find a link for MaryL so should could listen to that great song thanks again

nungart wrote on 2005/09/19:
i love the song called no one knows that is been sang by queens of the stone age

??? wrote on 2005/10/25:
hey good song that women in the green who comes out and then the car goes past is well hot eny1 no who she is

nothappy wrote on 2005/10/29:
great song just a crappy site

bigwhiteyeti wrote on 2005/11/12:
awesome song - one of the best they have done

Bluesy wrote on 2005/11/18:
Um...anyone know how I can download to keep the video? As I'd like to play it whenever without having to keep trying to find this site! ;o) however fabulous it is. :o)

Ben Crawford wrote on 2006/01/09:
You guys rock, thank you