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September 2002

This text is posted via Phoenix 0.1 - a lightweight Mozilla version for Windows. With its customizable toolbar and small icon set it's a comfortable browsing experience comparable to IE. Although I still miss my SHIFT-Spacebar keyboard shortcut for scrolling up (am I the only one using this?). [via ext|circ]

Personal estimation of most-used left-side keycombos:
1. Alt-Tab (switch window)
2. Alt-Spacebar, X (maximize window)
3. Ctrl-W (close window)
4. Win-E (open Explorer)

bill wrote on 2002/09/25:
alt-spacebar, N : to minimize a window. I use this constantly.

poi wrote on 2002/09/25:
I didn't knew the SPACE / SHIFT+SPACE shortcut.

I most use Alt-Tab, Win+D ( Desktop ), Ctl+W, F6 ( Location, without opening the history menu ), Win+TAB

milov wrote on 2002/09/25:
Instead of F6, I use Alt-D (also near bottom-left).
Win+Tab is interesting...

Ruben wrote on 2002/09/25:
1. Win+E
2. Win+M (Minimize all, equivalent to Win+D?)
3. Alt+Tab
4. Alt+F4

If you like using the Win-Key, you might like the WinKey application(

Ruben wrote on 2002/09/25:
Hmmm, immediately after typing this, I discovered I forgot my most used surfing keyboard shortcut in IE: Alt-D.

Eduardo wrote on 2002/09/25:
Some Shortcuts must be change to portugese... But I use Win+E and ofcourse Alt+Tab always.

huphtur wrote on 2002/09/25:
i use shit+mouse click prolly more then anything.

huphtur wrote on 2002/09/25:
erf.. thats 'shift' not 'shit'

Jan! wrote on 2002/09/25:
1. Ctrl+L (go to Location bar, == Alt+D in IE)
2. Ctrl+T (open new tab)
2b. I've set Ctrl+Click to open a new tab instead of a new window
3. Ctrl+W (close a tab/window)
4. Ctrl+2 (open Mail/News)
5. Ctrl+R (reply)

Mozilla rocks.

Marza wrote on 2002/09/25:
Ctrl+N (open new window)
Ctrl+I (open/close favourites)
F11 (full screen)

Mario wrote on 2002/09/26:
I have keyboard shortcuts to all my most-used programs. I right-click on their shortcuts on the Start Menu and click on properties. There, on the shortcut keys field I create a combination of Ctrl+Alt+Shift and a letter that reminds me of the program (W for Word, C for CorelDraw, D for Dictionary, and so on). It really whips the llama's ass! :o)

Low wrote on 2002/09/26:
Ctrl+N, Ctrl+D, Alt-Tab, Ctrl+W, Win+E, Win+M...
Shift+Click is also a frequently used combination. And when I'm programming, I can't do without Ctrl+R (rather than F5).

gallico wrote on 2002/09/26:
To addition to what have already been mentioned;
And no, I don't use the Shift+Space, uses Home instead.

Bob wrote on 2002/09/26:
Since i'm using mozilla gestures, i find that i'm using a lot less keyboard shortcuts: click-down = open link in new window, click-up= open link in tab. click-down-right = close window/tab. etc.

only problem is, i try to use gestures in every program now, like in trillian and my mail-client.. :-/

P01 wrote on 2004/07/22:
Ctrl+K -> MyCroft input field
Ctrl+U -> view source
Ctrl+J -> page infos
Ctrl+plus / Ctrl+minus / Ctrl+zero -> controls the text zoom