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October 2002

Oh yeah... - How to Create Pop-up Windows
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Adjam wrote on 2002/10/02:
are these quotes from you accurate milo? :

Adjam wrote on 2002/10/02:
also i found a link to the 'picachu-izer' on your archive, i think this version of your site is more accurate...

[unknown] wrote on 2002/10/02:

wrote on 2002/10/02:
hmm link doesnt save well..

Adjam wrote on 2002/10/02:
type the above url and after "url=" type " %2F "

milov wrote on 2002/10/02:
"are these quotes from you accurate"?
yes but the second one is actually by Low.
wow that's old...

Jan! wrote on 2002/10/02:
I made a quick-n-dirty JavaScript bookmarklet to convert hex coded strings to ASCII text. Paste the hex strings from the quotes page linked above, section "WouterD & HazT on Hex-editing":

javascript:var s1 = prompt('Hex String? [can contain spaces between hex pairs]', ''); if (s1) { var s2 = '', buffer = ''; for (var i = 0; i < s1.length; i++) { var c = s1.substr(i, 1); if (c.match(new RegExp('[0-9A-Za-z]'))) { buffer += c; if (buffer.length == 2) { if (parseInt(buffer) == 0) {buffer = "20"}; s2 += String.fromCharCode(parseInt('0x' + buffer)); buffer = ''; } } }; alert(s2); }

Wow: for the first time I made a bookmarklet that works in IE as well, without additional tinkering. Of course it still fucks up the location bar contents by URL-encoding it. [spam] [/spam]

Just you wait until I get my own blog ready! I'll bookmarklet you all to death!
Erm, that should read: I'd appreciate it if you would come on over.