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October 2002

you ore to write wort wit upper row o te qeyport. query too tryqy? try it.

Low wrote on 2002/10/09:

wrote on 2002/10/09:
i try your typewriter. oo!

MrMessiah wrote on 2002/10/09:
oop! poor try to write, true!

Jan! wrote on 2002/10/09:
i uze azerty zo i type otter poztz

[orr your azerty are peror to uz]

my first line:
Normal: [TAB] azertyuiop^$
Alt-Gr: __€_______[]
(underscores are placeholders)

MrMessiah wrote on 2002/10/09:
i retort wi' pretty poetry or i quit :)

Jan! wrote on 2002/10/09:
If I had qwertyuiop as well, I would type a small conversation between A, a former chinese hippie, now cocaine addict, and B, his European dealer with a flu. Punctuation added for legibility:

A: "Power to te peopre, yo.
Your wite powter were quite powery!"
B: "Were you trippy, Peter?"
A: "Ye!"
B: "You owe euroz!"
A: "O! Rotter..."
B: "You r to pey toporrow!"
A: "Or?"
B: "You quit!"

MrMessiah wrote on 2002/10/09:
"o terry wrote" i report
"pretty poetry to retort"
to report it i writ
"true power to quit
top row o' typewriter to port"

no, this isn't possible :)

Jan! wrote on 2002/10/09:
We qout try to pe wittier -> otter WWW-writer write epout it too. Wout pe wery woot por you!

Jan! wrote on 2002/10/09:
En sinds wanneer is WWW streepje writer gelijk aan www.writer ? :-)

Ruben wrote on 2002/10/09:
s;d kr kr jsmfrm brtlrrtf jpift. rurt r ;;l bsm s;;rd tsstd/

Mario wrote on 2002/10/10:
Hm... I didn't get this one...

Jan! wrote on 2002/10/10:
It's from chapter 21 of "Learn blind typing in 21 days", "Typing with your nose".

adajm wrote on 2002/10/10:
ewo, i wite roop
= hello i write good

bingo wrote on 2007/04/19:
Alas, a sad jass fag had a gas flask.