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October 2002

Hmm... My adding of body{overflow:hidden;} to the stylesheet of various dhtml animations of late is causing Phoenix (and probably any Gecko-based browser) to display a blank page... Removing the overflow-property makes them work again.

Could it be this trick of hiding the scrollbars has the nasty effect of altering the width/height of the body- or html-object, thereby messing up my dhtml item placement routines?

Aha, adding height:2000px; (or another pixelvalue that's sure to be higher than the window height) to the body{...} style seems to fix things. Still, weird; I don't remember having to do this in earlier Mozilla versions.

wrote on 2002/10/26:
Does "height: 100%;" work as well? It's funny you mention this problem, seeing how I just ran into problems with "overflow: hidden;" on IE5Mac (applied to the html node)...

milov wrote on 2002/10/26:
No, height:100% didn't have any effect, because (I'm guessing) that would be 100% of 0px = 0px.