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October 2002

Friendly Dictators Trading Cards as illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz. [via linkmachinego]

Eduardo wrote on 2002/10/30:
And we (brazil) know what is this... the nw president also know it (Luiz I. Lula da Silva)

Samuel Simon wrote on 2004/10/27:
"Timmy & Lassie" made Sunday nights so special for my family, but then the show's producers added the Ranger and started having all-animal episodes. Things got very boring; around the same time, my mom started drinking heavily and becoming delusional; then I reached puberty, and had to leave the room to wack-off every 15 minutes. We didn't have much time for -- or interest in --"Lassie" post-Timmy.

BTY, Timmy & Lassie were fuckin' -- This I KNOW.

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Best, Samuel 'Splayed Thighs' Simon