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October 2002

Antipixel | Buttons Redux: Tweakability - post/discussion on altering the look of the ubiquitous "xml.gif" button, prompted by his posting of a nice collection of custom button designs.

I've currently decided on using a text-only css-powered version, labelled 'RSS' instead of 'XML'. Recognisable enough, methinks. Scroll down to see it...

Update: here's the source code:
<a href="/rss.xml" style="background-color:#f60; border:2px outset #ffc8a4; color:white; text-decoration:none; font:bold 10px sans-serif; padding:0px 3px 0px 5px; letter-spacing:1;">RSS</a>

huphtur wrote on 2002/10/30:
Winer is gonna getcha!

karma wrote on 2002/10/30:
As long as the feed is linked as an alternate version, I'm happy

klung wrote on 2002/10/31:
It's clearer and more accurate.
Sites that don't use the tag often offer an RSS text link. Having both terms in play is confusing.