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November 2002

a little off-the-tv photo fun...

Eduardo wrote on 2002/11/14:
Whos there? (TV)

low wrote on 2002/11/14:
That'll be Chris...

Tuuur wrote on 2002/11/15:
I think it's a shame Chris doesn't play guitar in this song.

steph wrote on 2005/03/19:
i think this song is amazing and i cant wait till i go see them!!

kiki wrote on 2005/09/17:
i love this band i listen to them every day!!!;)

JEFF B. wrote on 2005/09/27:
Audioslave is one of the best bands ever! Every member of the band are so incredibly talented. Bar far my favorite.

jamie wrote on 2005/12/13:
this band rock! i luv this song n listen 2 it all the time