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November 2002

I managed to convert some ancient MSX .PIC graphics of mine into .GIFs.

Filedate: 1990-06-21

I converted all our MSX disks to PC a long time ago, but was never able to open the .PIC files for viewing. That is, until I discovered R. Lechleitner's MSX-View program.

If the filedates are correct, some are even older than the 'Really old gfx' on the Graphics page. The colours are a bit messed up though...

Filedate: 1988-12-19

Filedate: 1988-12-20

Filedate: 1992-01-01
Inspired by the Mig-29 Super Fulcrum PC game.

All this prompted by reading a Tweakers thread on MSX.

teddybwear wrote on 2002/11/17:
is it necessary to convert them? how about just using Print Screen and photoshop or something :D

milov wrote on 2002/11/17:
Well sure, if I could get the old MSX Design program to run in an emulator, but I was never able to.

koert wrote on 2002/11/18:
Nice. :) Do you know if there is an msx emulator that completely works somewhere?

milov wrote on 2002/11/18:
my fave emulator at the moment is paraMSX:

Rob wrote on 2003/05/18:
Ik heb de MSX Design programma werkend in een MSX-emulator, maar het lukt me niet om daarin de *.PIC plaatjes op te roepen.
Hoe( waarmee ) heb jij ze omgezet?
Of: hoe krijg je ze ueberhaupt op het PC-scherm?