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November 2002

Phew... Downloading (almost) all mp3s of (almost) all Internet based labels on the thinner links page. Yay tabbed browsing!

huphtur wrote on 2002/11/17:
1. Teleport pro rools.

2. I find the GUI for tabbed browsing to have a very bad user experience. they should move the X (to close a tab) to the actual tab. not all the way to the right. makes more sense to be on the tab. dunnit?

db wrote on 2002/11/17:
it's for when you want to close 6 consecutive tabs at once and leave the last three. 6 quick clicks and it's done.

milov wrote on 2002/11/17:
I use Ctrl+W to close Tabs... Same keycombo I've been using to close IE windows since way back when.

Also, if you have 25 tabs open, you don't want an X taking up space on each tiny tab :)