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November 2002

Here are some recent attempts at new iambald numbers that I got bored with and didn't finish. Moz/IE5+ req. as usual:
- 112-dashedspotlight.html
- 112-dragmulti.html (drag paths with mouse)
- 112-twoletters.html
- blockslide.html

Pleasant surprise, they even work in the new Opera 7 beta. Object-detection DOM-complient coding (rather than browser-agent-detection) pays off...

Eric wrote on 2002/11/25:
first one's the best

Kapp wrote on 2002/11/25:
dragmulti is fantastic!
Milo sei grande!

23JUL wrote on 2002/11/26:

Cool, reminds me of thinking about visualizing a musictracker without fixed pattern rows. Like a neurotic hihat is a very short path from left to right and below that, drawing a path for the bassdrum somewhat longer. Drawing a vertical path through those other paths should on collission for example exclude playing the sample, so there is a break in a monotonous beat or some other function applied to it..

Never mind.

Jan! wrote on 2002/11/27:
<span style="text-decoration: line-through;">Object-detection</span> DOM-compliant coding

<del>Object detection</del> <ins datetime="200211270957">HTML-compliant coding</ins>

milov wrote on 2002/11/27:
wow, <del> and <ins>, never even saw those before...

Jan! wrote on 2002/11/28:
Yay! An idea for my blog-to-be! :-)