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December 2002

In case any other first-time MSIDVD/WinDVD users like myself are about to search Google for 10 minutes looking for an answer: you can take a screenshot of the current frame by pressing 'P' or by clicking the little camera icon on the expanded toolbar. Screenshots are stored as .bmps in a 'WinDVD Capture' folder in your 'My Pictures' folder.

Or, to put it another way: Woohoo! An infinite supply of Ghost in the Shell desktop wallpapers!

These are quite possibly my two favourite frames of the entire film:

Marek Kabat wrote on 2003/12/05:

eis wrote on 2005/05/09:
Thank you for the answer, I was just googling for it :)

Hi wrote on 2005/08/31:
Me too but my version P button doesn't work and another site said to do this..

chelsea wrote on 2006/03/23:
yeah umm...the video was wierdd kinda like you!
well later