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December 2002

Have you ever read your DTD?

Jan! wrote on 2002/12/04:
All the time. I even bookmarked the DTD with a custom keyword in Mozilla (xhtml) so I can reach it instantly. I did have to use JavaScript to not have it pop up the save dialog:

javascript:void(window.location = 'view-source:');

I type "xhtml" in the toolbar, and I get some excellent late night reading. ;-)

23JUL wrote on 2002/12/04:
I once tried but never finished to create a php script which parses (the?) dtd to create 1) a kind of navigation tool to create correct xhtml pages (e.g. html tag must have two children: head and body tag; head tag may have ..) 2) a kind of randomizer which uses the grammar to create correct but senseless xhtml pages.

Still stuck at the parsing part; first started to create a simple bnf parser with the help of these pages:
But haven't got a clue which is the best way to parse things in php (that is: what is the datastructure?

Any idea's?

Liorean wrote on 2002/12/05:
Of course I've read it - I use it more than I use the W3C HTML specs...

But currently, I'm more interested in XML and writing my own DTD for BlogML - and when writing a DTD, a former DTD can be an excellent example of how to write a new one.