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December 2002

Ancient Windows trick: if you use the string ".LOG" as the first four characters in a .txt-file, Notepad (or Metapad even) will append the current system date to the end of the file every time you open it, and position the cursor below.

low wrote on 2002/12/19:
Well wadd'ya know! Never to old to learn (tho it's supposed to be an ancient trick...).

Calm_Pear wrote on 2002/12/20:
How about that! never knew that... fun trick, it'll keep me bussy for hours, got 16 txt files allready! :-)

Ruben wrote on 2002/12/20:
Funny by the way that it doesn't work with .log in lowercase.

Kevin wrote on 2002/12/22:
thats one of the neatest tips I've ever heard of!

pup wrote on 2002/12/24:
this works in textpad as well.

mados wrote on 2003/01/06:
How abnormal. By the way, how to create a text file called .htaccess using plain Windows?