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December 2002

Some more Windows tips then...

- When you Shift-click a Start menu item, the menu stays open (instead of closing instantly), while the selected application loads in the background.

- Press Ctrl-+ to auto-size all columns in any Details-view (such as a listing of files in Explorer).

- If you've activated the Desktop toolbar on your Taskbar, you can Ctrl-click the My Computer icon to open up a cascading menu giving access to all drives, folders and files on your computer.

roel wrote on 2002/12/21:
I especially like the last one! Very useful How do you find these, just by experimenting? Maybe I should try ctrl-click or shift-click sometimes...

HTLM wrote on 2002/12/23:
Maybe another usefull win-tip:
XML Notepad...

mados wrote on 2003/01/06:
My mostly used favorite: F2 to rename a file.