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December 2002

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Peter wrote on 2002/12/30:
ik, ol. p;/

Martijn wrote on 2002/12/30:
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huphtur wrote on 2002/12/30:

Tuuur wrote on 2002/12/30: doesn't clear this one up... ;-)

Nate wrote on 2002/12/30:
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gallico wrote on 2002/12/30:
ik, ol. p-

karma wrote on 2002/12/30:
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hTLM wrote on 2002/12/30:

hTLM wrote on 2002/12/30:
:koo raam

hTLM wrote on 2002/12/30:
it's a w.

23JUL wrote on 2002/12/31:
Reminds me of 'electronisch ganzenbord', a boardgame, which was a basic source code published in a dutch magazine for a V20/C64. It was presented as a family game, so to compete, no annoying monitor was used: the keyboard was the board; you had to place the pawns on the keys and walk in a spiral kind of way to the 'end'. As far as I know, dice and/or errors were created by letting the motor of the tape'streamer' create noises and score was presented by resetting the counter to 0 and letting the computer decide when to stop playing(=counting).

unknon wrote on 2004/04/08:
what does qaz wsx edc rfv tgb yhn ujm ik ol p mean tell me

billybob wrote on 2005/05/10:
u guys are freaks

cheeky_whitie wrote on 2005/08/18:
p lo ki mju nhy bgt vfr cde xsw zaq hahahahahahahahaha i did the opposit ov wot u losers did muhahahahahahahahaha. u want sushi with that?

MUNGBEEN wrote on 2005/08/18:
(-) asian monkey


Mikapoo wrote on 2005/11/20:
I've done this before....In third grade, typing lessons, they were such crap!

pooky wrote on 2006/09/14:
wat they say is funny qaz wsx edc rfv tgb yhn ujm ik, ol. p;/

ahmad wrote on 2008/09/07:
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yo mama wrote on 2009/07/14: