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January 2003

'In the Transformers universe, "gestalt" is the unofficial generic term for a team of robots who combine together to form a larger robot.'

hTLM wrote on 2003/01/04:
In my days, we used to call this
"Transformers, robots in disguise".

red wrote on 2003/01/04:
nice. Voltes V is my most favorite gestalt hero ever. [] "Voltes V was first broadcast on TV Asahi on June 4, 1977 and lasted 40 episodes until March 25, 1978. Voltes was broadcast in a dubbed (english) version in the Philippines in that year."

hTLM wrote on 2003/01/04:
OK red.
A+ for research?
A+ for compatibility.
D- for good looks.

But who cares.

23JUL wrote on 2003/01/04:
The word 'gestalt' is, I think, a well chosen word, though not english, to describe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe 'emerged' would be an appropriate english equivalent?

huphtur wrote on 2003/01/04:
A physical, biological, psychological, or symbolic configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts.

red wrote on 2003/01/04:
sorry, Voltes V is one of the oldest of the "gestalt"-style robots, so the styling was not very slick. but then again Voltron wasn't all that cute either. personally, I think Mazinger Z was the best looking one from that era, but Voltes V was my favorite growing up. (Grandizer, Daimos, and Getta Robo were also hot)

23JUL wrote on 2003/01/10: