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January 2003

Jumping Fences: Critics' Best 100 Albums of 2002 – calculated from 45 end-of-year magazine/webzine polls. I have heard 8 of these, just about... [via Another fine mess]

huphtur wrote on 2003/01/07:
i give it to BoC's Geogaddi.

Ruben wrote on 2003/01/07:
I own exactly one of them.

It's not my list, I can tell you that.

orfelio wrote on 2003/01/07:
I have only 1 too but if it's complete cd's in mp3 then I have about 5 or 6 :-)

low wrote on 2003/01/07:
Got 5 of 'em. Maybe I'll get some more...

JRDN wrote on 2003/01/08:
Ive got at least ten of em, some are good some are garbage and some are on my list: