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January 2003

(If this weblog had inline entry titles, above this one it would say: 'Sudden realizations'...)

The X-Files' Agent Monica Reyes is Kat from Mystic Pizza.

CSI-guy is Manhunter-guy and To Live and Die in L.A.-guy.

That guy whose voice sounds so very familiar, fighting Dracula along with Young Indiana Jones in episode 2x22, is a younger, skinnier version of Angel's nemesis Holtz.

The albino kid with the electrical superpowers in Powder (1995), whose slightly awkward body language and hesitant smile I've seen somewhere before, is Young Indiana Jones.

Martijn wrote on 2003/01/30:
i love imdb too

tbit wrote on 2003/01/30:
and Holtz was the guy-in-green-army-coat on "The Equalizer"