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June 2003

destroy all lines graffiti near Schiedam Centrum

- Ben Wa - Destroy All Lines - mp3 at
- Why graffiti? "(To) destroy all lines."

huphtur wrote on 2003/06/28:
the best is disc 2, to see that those guys havent changed a bit. very very good dvd.

Arthur wrote on 2003/06/29:
I used to see this twice a day and I always wondered what it meant. I particulary like the quote a little further down the track:

"Life is what you make it" or something along these lines.

milov wrote on 2003/06/30:
I never really considered the meaning; not until I happened upon the Ben Wa mp3 by chance and started wondering where I'd seen that slogan before.

I know the other one you're talking about, have a photo of that one somewhere too...

milov wrote on 2004/03/25:
Well I've finally seen Style Wars; a lot of fun. Now I need to see the dvd to see if they indeed 'havent changed a bit.'