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August 2003

Reality Hacking - interesting urban/outdoor art projects. [via teradome]

Marijn wrote on 2003/08/06:
Esspecially liked the clown-nose idea on there. It would make a great flash-mob idea as well :) The top-image ... you cut of their heads, man that's kinda cruel ;)

milov wrote on 2003/08/07:
>The top-image ... you cut of their heads

Meh. I got a bit tired of the giant image constantly in view... It detracts from the posted photos. Anyway, you can still see them here:

Marijn wrote on 2003/08/07:
Interesting, I ran into that very same problem a couple of days ago, I solved it by deleting *everything* from the design that wasn't directly related to the foto. Less is more and all that ;) Just out of curiosity, when did you buy your camera?

milov wrote on 2003/08/07:
I bought my Olympus C-50Z in february, right when my old camera broke down.