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October 2003

Keith David

A list of actors that coincidentally appear more than once in my 12-movie dvd collection:

  1. Keith David, 3 times
This concludes the list of actors that coincidentally appear more than once in my 12-movie dvd collection.

Here's a screenshot of Mr. David in each of those three movies (can you guess which ones they are?):


Tuuur wrote on 2003/10/28:
I never even heard of this more-than-once appearing actor in your 12-movie dvd collection, so no; I can't guess.

Or maybe this ignorance is just the right prerequisite for guessing! Let's see:
1. Reservoir dogs?
2. Streets of Philadelphia?
3. Lord of the rings?

(I didn't see any of these...)

milov wrote on 2003/10/28:
You could have at least limited your guesses to movies that actually appear on the IMDb page I linked :)

huphtur wrote on 2003/10/28:
i liked pitch black. people hate on it, cuz it has vin diesel in it, but i think its a pretty cool movie. i read somewhere they are doing a sequel.

Tuuur wrote on 2003/10/28:
@milov> yeah, but that would be much less guessing then... :-)

milov wrote on 2003/10/28:
huphtur: I read about the sequel too, on .

One or two of Vin Diesel's lines in Pitch Black might have been rather cringe-worthy, but on the whole I liked the concept and story and cast a lot.

The dvd is cool in that it has not one but two commentary tracks (one with the director and Vin Diesel and Cole Hauser, and the other with director, producer and special effects guy).

Sidenote, a little bit of trivia: Cole Hauser has acted with both Keith David and David Keith (in High Incident).

tbit wrote on 2003/10/29:
well i have no idea what the first movie is but the second is They Live and while I recognize the third, I cannot place it even after looking in the IMDB list.

Keith David, ever asking, "Or is it David Keith ?" is one of those actors who gives great voice and is recognizable in dozens of things but never to be seen.

milov wrote on 2003/10/29:
Maybe it helps if I mention that the movies are listed chronologically... And that two of them are by the same director.

Eduardo Marquetti wrote on 2003/10/29: updated.
Your are one of my favorites, don´t forget me and add me as one of yours favs. ;-)

huphtur wrote on 2003/12/20:
milov: trailer is up!

milov wrote on 2003/12/20:
Yeah I dl'ed the The Chronicles of Riddick trailer off of yesterday. I'm not sure what to make of it, seems like a completely different kind of film than Pitch Black was. Lots of nonsense mythology etc.

(I liked how Pitch Black drew you into the situation without providing any convoluted backstory. Like some of the better Outer Limits sci-fi episodes.)

huphtur wrote on 2003/12/21:
Nope, I'm not feelin this preview either. It looks like another 'here comes the hero to save the day' blockbuster.

We must also not forget that Vin Diesel has a complete different audience now and his 'fans' expect nothing less from him.

It's also not written by the Wheat brothers anymore. But by Twohy the original PB director. He also "wrote" Waterworld. Now THAT was one amazing movie hehe.

Oof, should we still go check out the movie when it comes out?

The Wheat brother havent done anything after PB. I wonder what happened.

milov wrote on 2003/12/21:
On the other hand, I see Twohy also wrote The Arrival, which I liked a lot (partly for its obvious parallels with Half-Life). Another movie that doesn't try to explain too much, only letting the audience know as much as the main character does.

huphtur wrote on 2003/12/21:
ive never seen the arrival. i will rent it and let ya know what i thought.