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November 2003

bookmarklets voor webdesigners

Naar Voren - bookmarklets voor webdesigners - my second Naar Voren article has been published! (the first one being de kunst van minimaal coderen, which coincided with the 5K contest last year.) Those of you that can't read Dutch might want to scroll down a couple of pages, where you'll find a big list of handy bookmarklets.

I quickly thought up a new bookmarklet to use as an example in the article; as it turns out, it's pretty handy:
count used tags (drag to Links-bar)

The other article in the current edition is Breng detail aan in je markup by Anne van Kesteren. Coincidentally we both refer to Simon Willison in our articles... :)

Morg wrote on 2003/11/03:
Very Nice!

low wrote on 2003/11/03:
Well done!

P01 wrote on 2003/11/04:
I like your 'count used tags' favelet. I can't figure how it can be usefull unless it showed the number of opening & closing tags, but it's funny.

Ruben wrote on 2003/11/04:
Mijn complimenten, Milo. Ik heb er ook een aantal collega's blij mee kunnen maken :-)

milov wrote on 2003/11/04:
P01: I like using it for testing tag-soupiness of a page. And some numbers can be pretty surprising ('277 a-tags? wow!')

JW wrote on 2003/11/05:
Added a few new bookmarklets to my bookmarklet bar, the others, I already had.

Good article though.

Jim wrote on 2003/12/27:
nice article

Jim wrote on 2003/12/27:
nice article