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December 2003

Listening to: Monkey Radio: Grooving. Sexy. Beats
I've been trying out a bunch of 'Internet Radio' feeds via the Winamp 5 Media Library today. I've had this one on for two hours now and it has yet to disappoint; great stuff.

sep wrote on 2003/12/22:
Oh yeah, Acid Jazz with some phat beats! :)
Check out also,, they play some nice acid jazz to (but also funk, salsa, reggae, ..) :)

huphtur wrote on 2003/12/23:
my favorite:

RopStop wrote on 2003/12/26:
Swissgroove is a superb station as well... 128kbps streaming mp3, lounge, acid jazz, nu soul, cool, check it at

(take a look at as well)

Jan! wrote on 2004/01/05:
There are some more channels similar to Monkey Radio over at Soma FM:

milov wrote on 2004/01/29:
Thanks for the SomaFM tip; I like the 'Secret Agent' station!

Thierry wrote on 2005/11/23:
Monkey Radio's my favorite Internet Radio. Been listening to it for months now.

Dave wrote on 2005/12/15:
Discovered Monkey Radio about five days ago and it's hogged my Winamp since then. The stuff on SomaFm is damn good too (as someone already mentioned), Groove Salad is classic. Spread the word of the Monkey!

k455t7 wrote on 2006/02/10:
Hey, I was trying to find more info on monkeyradio when I discovered that the webdomain expired a long time ago...Can't find any new links or sites to monkey. Hope it never ends!
If any of you know of an updated site, let me know!!!

Cinmeatic wrote on 2006/03/19:
The link for Winamp:

Anyone notice the site is still up but doesn't work properly. It used to have a sick listing of essentials. The site should still be

src wrote on 2006/04/12:
it's out too bad it was good.

Richie and Mary wrote on 2006/04/28:
Monkey Come back we listen to you every day!!! You just gotta come back ..we can't find that kind of radio anywhereeeeeeeee *pout* - suffering-

HF wrote on 2006/04/29:
Brennan, don't abandon us. Please.

Johanne wrote on 2006/04/30:
I don't like TV and I zap a lot on radio because I like one song out of ten... But Monkey Radio can play for *hours* and I'm not bored! Been listening to it for almost two years now and I'm extremely worried to see that it's not available these last days... I hope it's only a temporary technical difficulty... *crosses fingers*

Kid Ikarus wrote on 2006/05/19:
wait... what??? Monkey Radio is gone??

Neelo wrote on 2006/05/30:
Monkey radio just has a different URL now :)

Neelo wrote on 2006/05/30:
ER, nvm I just noticed that's the same URL that was posted above. My bad.

Dave wrote on 2006/08/02:
Slowly but almost surely the format seems to have gotten more jazzy and less turntabley over the past few years. Is it just me?

Brendan wrote on 2006/08/13:
Dave, jazzy - turntabley its all good but you could be right. Does anybody know what the name of the compilation that was playing on Monkey a few months back called something like "Bleu of Sacrebleu"? I cant seem to find it anywhere in Australia.

Atarilogic wrote on 2006/08/16:
Hey, anyone want to communicate with Brennan try the address? Trying it now.

drmags wrote on 2006/08/24:
been listening to monkey radio for a couple year s(?) grooves me all day long. outstanding.

moc wrote on 2006/09/12:
Brendan.. I think you may be looking for Dimitri From Paris - Sacrebleu? one of my favorites

Sam wrote on 2006/11/15:
So is that it? MR is no more? I used to listen to it all the time at uni, the site is really out of date but still there and I can never get anything to play. :( :( :(

harryE wrote on 2006/11/16:
Can't believe that Brendan is doing it over all the years. I think I discovered Monkey Radio in 2001, since that time it was always one of the best alternatives in the web, always loved the 160 kBit/s. I hope Brendan keeps it going.

Alsu wrote on 2007/01/09:
I guess, Monkey Radio is dead :((((

jojo wrote on 2007/01/10:
Yeah, seems like it.. What is happening?? Monkey Radio moving to new server? When will we be able to listen again?
I really miss it!

TwoEars wrote on 2007/01/10:
It was the best! Darn man, hope it will be back...

joel wrote on 2007/01/10:
i agree, Monkey Radio was my favorite internet radio station.

Edo wrote on 2007/01/10:
Omg, I loved monkeyradio, it suddenly went down so I checked online only to see these discouraging messages :(. Somebody get a hold of that man and tell him to restart MR !, I won't even mind donating some money if he's having trouble to pay the RIAA
""The RIAA announced today their intention to appeal the royalty rates for internet radio decided on by the Librarian of Congress. Today was the very last day to file for an appeal."
The webcasters put out of business by the royalties include SomaFM, Monkeyradio, KPIG, and many others. At least a few Congressional representatives support revising CARP to give small webcasters a chance to survive. "

bring back teh monkeh !

stephane wrote on 2007/01/11:
please, MR come back!
on est fan, ici en France;
Messieurs du Congrés, laissez les webradio vivre.
MRteam: Merci pour tous les bons moments passés à vous écouter! On espère à trés bientôt.

b wrote on 2007/01/12:
Ive been listening to monkey radio about 4 years straight. No other music. No radio. I must know all the songs by heart (theres only about 50 on the playlist).

I think my favorite was 'What does your soul look like' by DJ somethin, and ... I dont even remember the names of the rest.

stephane wrote on 2007/01/12:
DJ Shadow


Edo wrote on 2007/01/14:
Could someone mail me the playlist if he knows it to nights667AThotmail com

paul wrote on 2007/01/15:
I'm very disappointed about MR not playing anymore. Now I understand why by reading these comments. I started listening to it a few months ago. It was the best I discovered on the internet.
If someone has the playlist, could you please email it to me at

Fluff wrote on 2007/01/15:
Thought it was just me, oh no :(
i reccmenr and the chillout lounge

mummey wrote on 2007/01/16:
Anyone have the full playlist? I was only able to get portions of it over time.

Bands I discovered listening to Monkeh:

DJ Krush
Zero 7
Kid Loco
Fila Brazilia
Amon Tobin

stephane wrote on 2007/01/16:
MR is back on
so good

b wrote on 2007/01/16:
Monkeh is back!


Picasso wrote on 2007/01/16:
The monkey is back!

mummey wrote on 2007/01/16:
hmm, seems like the stream died again, but the site's been updated...

Brennan wrote on 2007/01/16:
Hi guys, it's me. The monkey has moved to a new server. The new listen url is . Pass it on!

mummey wrote on 2007/01/17:
Sweet! Thanks Brennan!

stephane wrote on 2007/01/17:
merci Brennan
oui, mes oreilles te disent : MERCI!

Edo wrote on 2007/01/18:
Thanks alot Brennan, if you need any hosting space just mail me at nights667 @hotm..

Sander wrote on 2007/01/22:
Thanks Brennan,
you're the man.
MR is the best!

TwoEars wrote on 2007/01/22:
YES!!!+! Thanks!(= "Tak" (Danish))

Dandroid wrote on 2007/01/25:
What? It isn't working! And it doesn't even show up on Winamp. How are you guys accessing it? Help please....

TwoEars wrote on 2007/01/27:
Try the following URL:
All the best...

mummey wrote on 2007/01/31:
I've found on certain networks, (like at work), I can't reach it. I don't know why.

Jonstar wrote on 2007/02/08:
Found the Monkey back in 2001 while sitting at my mac at work. I couldn't have designed anything without it. Great beats...glad it's back.

MonkeySpanked wrote on 2007/02/24:
Monkey is all I ever listen to because radio in the SF Bay Area SUCKS!!! Thank goodness for the MONKEY!!!

bARD wrote on 2007/10/29:
What's wrong with the monkey now? ):

Tommy Touch wrote on 2007/12/15:
It's now December 15, 2007. I haven't been able to get on MR for a couple of days now. I'm in withdrawal. I tried the alternative URLs in the above posts but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Klauz wrote on 2007/12/17:
Works fine for me, the server is just full at times (very often).
It would be nice if you were able to upgrade the slots on it, Brennan, but I won't complain as I get in anyway. :)

Also, anyone remember what the Nujabes song that is played pretty often is called? No lyrics, just a very nice and relaxing song.

raybone wrote on 2008/01/30:
to all whom are looking for a playlist, or asking about a specific song: do a google search and find "streamripper for winamp". it is a powerful and easy utility to rip songs from internet radio stations. It separates the files and names them for you. After a day or two, you will quickly have a copy of not just a playlist, but the songs themselves. No laws against copying of the radio.....yet ;)

bill wrote on 2008/02/26:
nice call raybone
screamer does a handy job of pulling the monkey also

matt wrote on 2008/06/09:
monkey radio works still, at least for me in the midwest united states. sometimes the server's full, but at least it's accessible sometimes.

J wrote on 2008/10/13:
its so irritating though when the server is to its max it just lags and lags and lags!!! :(

cd wrote on 2008/10/15:
Ever listen to the good at Slackline Radio?