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March 2004

Listening to: Spacer: The Beamer [via SomaFM Secret Agent channel]

Update: I'm going to use this entry to keep track of other cool Secret Agent songs that stand out:
  • East Wind - Jade Warrior
  • Peter Reno - Armed Escort
  • Nucleo Antirapina
  • dZihan & Kamien - just you & I
  • Flanger - Quicksilver Loom
  • God Within featuring Scott Hardkiss - The Phoenix (R.I.T.M.'s River & Rain Mix)
  • Mysterious Traveller - Day After
Might as well also use this entry to keep track of favorite songs heard on Monkey Radio:
  • Fila Brazillia - Blood

Arthur! wrote on 2004/03/22:
That's really funny, I always listen to the Secret Agent Channel and this is a song I have frequently heared on that channel. And although there are a lot of songs they tend to play over and over again, it still is a very cool channel to listen to.

huphtur wrote on 2004/03/22:

Jan! wrote on 2004/03/23:
How appropriate of him to have worked at Milo Music... :-)

milov wrote on 2004/03/23:
I know! Funny coincidence.

Sofia wrote on 2007/02/19:
I'm really impressed!