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May 2004


Although many different animals have been featured here, I think this is actually the first time I've posted a photo of a fish (not counting plastic ones). A day of particularly clear water in the sloot provided this rare opportunity.

Update: another photo from a slightly different angle:

JQN wrote on 2004/05/16:
Whoa! Very ghostlike! And gold.

P01 wrote on 2004/05/16:
genetically modified fish or Milo moved to Chernobyl ? o__O

Whatever, that fish is awesome

Marijn wrote on 2004/05/16:
Wooo, magic sushi ;-)

Morg wrote on 2004/05/17:
Do i see 3 eyes?

milov wrote on 2004/05/17:
No, it's not quite :)

absolut wrote on 2004/05/18:
We call that "golden fish" :)

emarquetti wrote on 2004/05/19:
Hey! Thats a golden fish! Youre rich vriend! ;-)

payam wrote on 2004/12/24:
pleas send my photo about fish

Maz wrote on 2007/03/04:
why not catch it and photo it on the table,it looks fishy maybe?