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May 2004

Mindhunters filmed at Haagse Hogeschool

Apparently, the new Renny Harlin movie Mindhunters was filmed at various locations in Holland during 2001 or 2002, including my old school(!), which is appearing as an FBI-academy, believe it or not.

Here are a couple of stills from the trailer:
The square in front of the school, with added fake security checkpoint:

They even parked a helicopter right in front of the school entrance:

Don't know if it's worth seeing the movie just for this; it's not all that good and you won't see any more of the Haagse Hogeschool that isn't already in the trailer.

Morg wrote on 2004/05/26:
Damn... couldn't they have done that 2 years earlier? Would have been nice to be an extra there :D

ACJ wrote on 2004/05/26:
Wow, you went to the HHS too? In what year and what was your major? I studied VIA from 1999 to 2001.

By the way, I wrote about this thing back in january:


milov wrote on 2004/05/26:
I also studied VIA, from 1997 to 2001.
Yours was one of the weblog entries I found when first googling for more info on this; surprised me as well :)

ACJ wrote on 2004/05/31:
Dude, weird. What's next? We're brothers?