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June 2004

Midnight Eye interview: Satoshi Kon

Zak brown wrote on 2005/10/24:
Hi I have seen Satoshi Kon's t.v. series Paranoia Agent at least 4 times and am a big fan of his work I would like to contact him to try and find out the best way for me to get into becoming or getting on the right track of becoming an animation director and maybe share some ideas if you have his e-mail could you please let me know his e-mail or ask him if he could contact me. I mean no disrespect and I don't want to waste his time, it's just I am making some important choices in my life right now and it would nice to get some advice from some of my most respected artist.

Emily Pitts wrote on 2006/07/27:
I too am getting ready for some important choices, and would like to go to college for anime creation. If you are able to find a way to contact him. Please let me know.