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June 2004

anime update

Shows I'm following (or trying to follow) at the moment; favourites marked with *:

(Some almost finished, some just starting out, some may have been cancelled already.)

Coert wrote on 2004/06/22:
At the moment I'm downloading and watching:
Tokyo Underground
Aishiteru ze Baby
Tenjou Tenge
GITS:SAC 2nd Gig
Samurai 7
Macross Zero
Uninhabited Planet Survive
Bakuretsu Tenshi
Fullmetal Alchemist
and Great Teacher Onizuka Live Action

Are you getting them through BitTorrent or Usenet?

milov wrote on 2004/06/22:
BitTorrent, mostly. What an amazing invention that is... I [heart] :)

Coert wrote on 2004/06/22:
:) I know, hosts some anime torrents as well

donkeymon wrote on 2004/06/28:
I especially love the "Midori no Hibi." I have been reading the manga for a few years now and it's really funny. The show is very true to the style of writing and drawing from the manga. But, this is a lot of stuff on this list! How do you find time to watch it all?

milov wrote on 2004/06/28:
Yeah for a such an outrageously silly concept, Midori no Hibi is really quite a charming and solidly entertaining show.

To be honest I was also shocked by how long this list turned out to be... :)
I guess I have plenty of time to watch all this now that I don't really watch tv anymore (couple of hours a week at most).

David wrote on 2004/07/03:
Is Last Exile really that good?

I've heard great things about it, but haven't put it in my schedule yet . . .

milov wrote on 2004/07/03:
I like it a lot. Had my doubts at the first episode but after a couple more I was definitely hooked. Last Exile creates an amazingly detailed world of the kind that would only work in anime form; giant airship fortresses battling it out etc.

GraphicArtist2005 wrote on 2005/07/02:
Hhmm, what anime' series have I completed? The list for that is quite short, so here goes:

1. Trigun - WONDERFUL anime
2. ScrYed - KICK ASS anime
3. Chobits - FUNNY ASS anime
4. Serial Experiments Lain - WEIRD but good anime

On to the list of anime' that I have started watching, but not yet finished:

1. Scrapped Princess - What I've seen of this looks really good.
2. RAhXephon - I've seen most of the eps in this series, and they are all very kick ass, although they all have a very involved storyline.
3. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - I've seen most of the eps in this series, and I LOVE the animation, it is simply amazing, and the stories are all amazing too.
4. Cowboy Bebop - I've seen a few of the eps in this series, and I like this one alot. It's just a really good anime', overall.
5. Full Metal Panic - I've only seen the first couple of eps in this series, but it looks very promising.

These are the anime' that I have yet to watch, but I do have them:

1. Samurai Champloo - I've read nothing but good things about this anime', and from the looks of the animation, it does look really good.
2. Great Teacher Onizuka - Have yet to watch every episode of this series, but from what I've heard, it is REALLY good.
3. Last Exile - I know Range Murata did the animation for this anime', and I LOVE his artistic style, much like Blue Submarine 6, which he also did the art for.
4. Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2nd Gig - I have yet to watch this series, mainly because I want to get all the eps first, then finish watching the first series, but from what I've seen of it online, it does look really good.

Welp, that wraps up the anime' series that I have seen, and have yet to finish. All in all, I am a HUGE fan of anime', but I'm not weird about it, meaning, I don't feel the urge to dress up as an anime' character or anything like that, and do things that anime' characters do, as if they are cool things to do in real life.

GraphicArtist2005 wrote on 2005/07/02:
Oh yeah, I forgot two more anime' that I have yet to watch: Otogizoushi and Ikkitousen, but I do, of course, have both of them ;-)

animegirl wrote on 2006/04/18:
i am a recently converted anime lover. the few series i have been watching have been amazing!!
1) love hyna: it's a pretty funny anime
2) naruto: i love it. except the filler episodes are really annoying.
3) fullmetal alchemist: my brother and i started falling in love wiht anime after this series
4) bleach: was kinda slow and confusing at first, but picked up really quick and i loved it.