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July 2004

Suprnova mirror by subject [via]

This is a pretty cool site; all(?) Suprnova torrents sorted by type, series etc. Loads a lot faster too.

Update: I'm getting so much hits on this entry, it's unbelievable. Suprnova has been offline for ages now. Just use eMule already; it's neat, you can dl anything you want, when you want.

Suprnova Mirror wrote on 2004/09/10: : Light and Stable Mirror of Suprnova. Banner-Free!

Milo wrote on 2004/12/21:
Whoa, this entry is getting hundreds of hits a day now... Guess a lot of people are looking for Suprnova alternatives now that they're offline.

Plurk wrote on 2004/12/24:
Mirrors for suprnova

Wybe wrote on 2004/12/30:
Plurk: sweet. thanks. (me speaking for the hundreds of hits each day)