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July 2004

passed the Gmail limit

Well, there it is:

1GB of useless duplicate mp3s on Google's hard drive.
Take that, free service! :)

I managed to reach the limit rather easily by constantly forwarding messages to my account from within Gmail itself (saved quite a bit of time and bandwidth). It doesn't look like Gmail is smart enough to store the same attachment only once...

Small text-only email messages still get through, but anything with an attachment seems to get bounced now. Also, when I try to send something from within Gmail (of any size), I get an alertbox saying: "Your message could not be sent because you have exceeded your mail quota."

All in all, not as exciting a conclusion as I had hoped (in that nothing unexpected happened). But I have discovered Gmail makes a kick-ass mp3-tennis interface (whereby two players send interesting mp3s back and forth; been playing it with Ruben), so I'll probably delete the duplicates soon to make more room for that.

I just realized, the reason for the seemingly too large 1023MB is because Google is using an actual gigabyte (1024MB) as a limit, rather than the rounded off 1000MB figure shown.

absolut wrote on 2004/07/11:
Yeah, really nice experiment. It seems like gmail is the most advanced webmail service now.

Morg wrote on 2004/07/12:
so... if small text-only messages get through... we might aswell cramp it up a bit more with a few gigs of small text-only messages :)

milov wrote on 2004/07/12:
Actually I just deleted a bunch of stuff, so now I'm down to a paltry 644MB again. Send me some more of those interesting mp3s! :)

Steven wrote on 2004/07/13:
cool thinking!

Anyone want to take pity & share a gmail invite? Heh I'm wishing I could try it out & see all the stuff people are talkin about.

margaret wrote on 2004/07/13:
sure, i'll help you out steven. i have like 6 invites hanging around, and i feel like i ought to help out seeing as that i was given an account by a friendly stranger.

Mark Cameron wrote on 2004/07/13:
Margaret: if you are handing out the invites, could I ask for one too (since you are being nice to strangers...)? All I can promise is good karma for your generosity.

milov wrote on 2004/07/13:
Oops, I hope I didn't inspire a whole bunch of Gmail users to try this same trick, because I'm getting nothing but timeouts on Gmail right now :|

Phillip Winn wrote on 2004/07/13:
My question is: Sure, Google chewed up your 1GB with those attachments, but <i>were they actually physically stored on disk more than once</i>? 'Twould be a very nice hack indeed to track the space but only physically store a pointer to the first instance of an attachment. Seems like it would save a *lot* of space.

Then again, I think the design of the Google filesystem makes space less important than speed. I'll have to go back and re-read that page...

milov wrote on 2004/07/13:
> but only physically store a pointer to
> the first instance of an attachment

I thought about that too. Reasons for not bothering with it may simply be that attachments appearing more than once might not be all that common (except in my crazy experiment). But even so, why then present the user with a fake indication of used space?

Brandon wrote on 2004/07/14:
You still got some love to share? I'd like to give my fiance a new gmail account with her soon-to-be new last name (mine). :-) Got any invites left to share?

kasra wrote on 2004/07/15:
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Leo Da Dominico wrote on 2004/07/15:
Hi, I would like to receive an invitation to Gmail please. Thanks

Chris Logsdon wrote on 2004/07/16:
Hey i was just wondering if anyone had any extra gmail invites laying around. See everyone around me like my cousin and friends all dont have one and id appreciate to be invited myself so i can share gmail with them too...Id really appreciate it if i could receive just one invite. I know i sound like everyone else but i want to feel like the one needed around here for once lolol ....thank you all for ur time even if i dont get invited....cya

spence wrote on 2004/07/17:
hey there, it would be cool if i could get a gmail invite too... i wanna get a cool username, and check it all out - even though i will probably stay with hotmail because of all my newsgroups and stuff i wish i could forward all the e-mails from hotmail to gmail, that would be handy


tntoak wrote on 2004/07/18:
I have also been trying to get a Gmail invite, but I keep coming up w/ nothing. If anyone can help, I'd GREATLY appreciate it.

Conal Buckley wrote on 2004/07/19:
I think you may have stumbled across something a little more signifigant than just poor programming (or maybe just outside of the scope of design). There's all sorts of people screaming about privacy issues when it comes to gmail scanning your email as it goes through. But it didn't seem to scan your attachment at all (otherwise it would've noticed the same name, size, and parity check; much like when you try to save a file twice to the same directory). Maybe this is a bypass for having it read all of your emails? Just send everything in attachments. it may even be easy to write a program that'll interface with an addin would make the email send as an attchment without the end user seeing the process.

BTW, if you have an extra invite, I don't suppose you co8uld pass it my way.....I'm desprate to try to code around gmail and I don't know anyone with an extra invite.

j00n wrote on 2004/07/20:
i'm partially interested in going through the coding, but also can't get that curiosity to boil down over it either. if anyone has a spare invite, toss one my way if it suits you.

Rindu wrote on 2004/07/22:
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Neil Voutt wrote on 2004/07/23:
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Chani wrote on 2004/07/27:
Conal Buckley: there's a very easy way to stop gmail from scanning your mail. it's called PGP :)

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