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July 2004

all Super Mario World backgrounds [via]

Ivan wrote on 2004/07/19:
hey ik heb dat spel, zal 't eens uitchecken

airman wrote on 2005/04/04:
wut the fuck man

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2005/04/04:
I can almost hear Super Mario's theme ^__^

GamingG wrote on 2005/06/24:
You mind if I use some backgrounds on my site, ?

Milo wrote on 2005/06/24:
You'll have to ask (or Nintendo)

liamsaur wrote on 2005/08/10:
hmmmmmmmmmm....i need backgrounds for a comic, can someone tellme where i can find backgrounds?

GamingG wrote on 2005/10/30:
Well, if you were looking for backgrounds for a comic, I'd use google image search. I might have some for you, if you could e-mail me or post a request on my site.

Wesmaster wrote on 2006/01/17:
It was really useful for my game maker game.

GamingG wrote on 2006/05/21:
These backgrounds, indeed, are helpful... I had one in my post layout on once... I could probably use them in a Game Maker Program, as Wesmaster suggested.

Flip wrote on 2006/06/18:
need Princess peaches castle background fast need help!!!!

GamingG wrote on 2006/06/19:
Alright Flip, I'll look for one for you... just e-mail me at gamingg @ and I'll send them to you when I get them, which shouldn't take long. (remove the spaces, I put them in so spam bots wouldn't find my e-mail).

rex_xx wrote on 2006/07/12:
i need good mario bacgroundz fast.also need good picz of the characters to make a game using Ggame maker 6.1 !!! THANX

ps. i need em really FAST!!

rex_xx wrote on 2006/07/12:
da name of da prgrm Game maker 6.1 no Ggame maker 'kay

MILLO wrote on 2006/07/26:
i have an legendry backgroud of mario

GamingG wrote on 2006/09/03:
Does anyone know of a good place to find all the backgrounds that used to be on that site? It's never up when I go there, so I'm guessing it's down : (

anonomous wrote on 2006/12/24:
WTF!? I can't even get the link to work and I need those damn backgrounds now! So...uh, do you know any other good sites
to get backgrounds from?

Clayton wrote on 2007/01/05: has some good backgrounds.

Charlene : ) wrote on 2007/01/25:
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Milo wrote on 2007/06/13:
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Milo wrote on 2007/06/13:
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Chris wrote on 2008/03/28:
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Mo wrote on 2008/11/28:
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