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August 2004

Notepad2 - fast Notepad replacement, with syntax highlighting and regex searches

milov wrote on 2004/08/30:
If I can get used to it, this might replace Metapad ( ) as my new default editor.

P01 wrote on 2004/08/30:
My default editor is UltraEdit. I use it since the version 5.20, and so far I've never seen an editor with all its features and that can handle huuuge files, hex editing, column mode/options, ...

Suraj wrote on 2004/09/24:
I just tried Notepad2, and I have to say it's just a lite version of Notepad++ (please see :
You should try Notepad++ you guys - you'll adore its syntax folding.

Free Replacement for Notepad wrote on 2005/12/25:
The best one I have found is BDV Notepad 5.0. It has a lot of unique features for regular user. Fin out more here: htp://

Tim wrote on 2006/02/05:
Notepad++ is the best text editor ever !