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September 2004

water droplets form on tar roof

It's really weird to see these things rolling in the wind, as if they were solid glass marbles.

Riot wrote on 2004/09/14:
nice angle.

Online wrote on 2004/09/16:
Excellent idea - not so good excecution.

Milo wrote on 2004/09/16:

Jeroen wrote on 2004/09/18:
Online, that's called "non constructive critism". Elaborate on that... I like em

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2005/05/13:
Richard Hill has a small penis :)

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2005/05/13:
:p Milo removed the pathetic and blatant spam of "Richard Hill"

Milo wrote on 2005/05/13:
I delete spams almost instantly but somehow that one slipped past me this morning...

Milo wrote on 2005/05/13:
I've almost completely done away with the automated spambots via some clever filtering, but this damn manual spammer ended up on my site by doing a Google search for

"posted by online" "March *, 2005" -mt -entry_id

emily wrote on 2007/10/14:
these are good, i have some questions. when did you take them? what was your inspiration?