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October 2004

Zooiblog - Scrolling Drop Shadows [via]

Rob Mientjes wrote on 2004/10/19:
Wow, you really found that article _via_ me? Let's make this clear, it's all mine. So the via is somewhat strange. But the thing you link to is the article, so do whatever you like.

Milo wrote on 2004/10/19:
There's two links here, they both point to your site; I don't see how it could be any clearer that it's all yours :)

I wanted the main link to point to the example, since your article only links to it with a tiny 'this' link that's easily missed. My [via] simply indicates the js document.referrer of the main link (it's filled automatically even).

Rob+Mientjes wrote on 2004/10/19:
It's okay. I just thought you assumed that I linked to some testcase page or something. To me, it's now clear enough too.