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December 2004

PHP function for getting Favatars [via]

Milo wrote on 2004/12/07:
Looks a lot better than my own hacked together code.

Milo wrote on 2004/12/07:
...but I'll stick with it anyway since I can't get this one to work for some reason.

jpk wrote on 2004/12/07:
Hehe, funny. I made my own version last friday and just put it up on my site, and now he posts his code and i can't get it to work!

Milo wrote on 2004/12/07:
One difference: I'm using instead of fopen. Also, I don't do a second request to see if the favicon url returns a valid response.

Low wrote on 2004/12/07:
Wha-hey! :)

Arthur wrote on 2004/12/08:
Made a quick 'n' dirty testing page with this code, and it seems to work:

Milo wrote on 2004/12/08:
The problem is it seems to randomly work/not work on each refresh... I noticed the same thing when I tested the function locally.

Arthur wrote on 2004/12/08:
Yep... weird. Unfortunately, my knowledge of PHP is just beginning, so I don't expect to solve this soon...

jpk wrote on 2004/12/08:
hmm, I tried it again and now it works. Woohoo, I'm hip!