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January 2005

Logitech F-Lock Key Eliminator [via]

UPDATE: the most reliable solution is to plug the keyboard into a USB port (after removing the PS/2 adapter), that should make the F-Lock key light up automatically after reboot.

Milo wrote on 2005/01/14:
Sweet, now I no longer have to press the F-Lock key to activate the functions keys on my Logitech Multimedia keyboard.

Milo wrote on 2005/02/03:
One limitation: the function keys still won't work in Explorer or Internet Explorer. Guess I'll still have to leave the F-Lock light on after all...

Chad wrote on 2005/09/22:
Or you can just do what I did. In the iTouch configuration screen, simply map each key as "Transparent Pass-Through" The quickest way to do this from the config screen is just double-click the key, hit "T" then hit enter. It's fast than clicking the menu and "Transparent Pass-Through" is the first item in the list when you hit "T."

Chad wrote on 2005/09/22:
Or you could always just map it to "keystroke" and hit the key. I think this is a more reliable method.

Milo wrote on 2005/09/22:
Yeah but then I'd have to run iTouch... I'd much rather just press the F-Lock every day than run any branded driver overlay / tray hogger crapware.

Chad wrote on 2005/09/22:
If you don't use iTouch, then download the fix at
It basically flips the F-lock key values, so that the F-keys act normally when it's off and stupidly when it's on.

Chad wrote on 2005/09/22:
Sadly, I like the media player control functionality provided by iTouch, so I'm still looking for a solution. The Pass-though and keystroke methods are both spotty at best, sometimes working, sometimes not.

Chad wrote on 2005/09/22:
I just found the best fix for it. If you plug the keyboard into the USB port (remove the PS/2 adapter), it does as Logitech states in the FAQ and turns on the F-lock key by default :-)

Milo wrote on 2005/09/22:
Wahey! It took a couple of reboots to kick in, but the USB port solution did the trick. How beautiful to see that F-Lock light turn on automatically at boot time. Thanks for your insightful comments, Chad.

By the way, my media control buttons function fine without iTouch (at least for any program where I can specify custom global keyboard shortcuts, such as Winamp or Foobar2000).

Chad wrote on 2005/09/22:
I'm glad to help. Maybe you should add that to the top of this entry since this blog is the second result when you search google for "Logitech F-lock"

I hadn't thought about using global hotkeys. I used to have them with fb2k just because iTouch couldn't detect it, but perhaps it wouldn't be a bad thing to get rid of the old iTouch. I essentially only use Winamp for playback anyway.

l_p_4_7 wrote on 2005/09/30:
I don't get Logitech keyboard is already plugged into a usb port and the F-Lock key is off by default. Do I need to install a registry fix?

guest wrote on 2005/10/20:
Yeah, I don't get the plug it into the usb port solution. I've had mine plugged into the usb port from the get go and it never turns f-lock on.

Nikolas wrote on 2005/10/23:
It doesn't work. I had keyboard (Internet Navigator) in PS/2 port with adapter to USB and after replacing to USB port and removing adapter nothing happend. When Winows starts, F-lock is not on again...
How exactly should this process be done?

Milo wrote on 2005/10/23:
I don't know why, but it seems the USB trick has stopped working for me as well... Argh.

kadiir wrote on 2005/10/25:
The USB trick works on my 3 desktops (always has with or without iTouch installed) but not on my work laptop (when docked, of course).

Ken wrote on 2005/11/10:
The Key Trick is awesome thanks guys!

Set each Function key to "Keystroke".
Set each Function key's keystroke by pressing its own function key. Change the name to a single space; this hides the onscreen notification when the function key is depressed.

I'm using in PS/2 mode and it works great!

Ken wrote on 2005/11/10:
Followup to above post.

when you press the <Fn> key to set your keystorkes you MUST have the F-lock key on at that time.

Chris+Jackson wrote on 2005/11/11:
What is all this about?

Ken wrote on 2005/11/11:
@Chris: It's about trying to get a keyboard to work the way it should.

Followup to my above posts:
<Ctrl>+<Fn> key combinations do not work with Keystroke technique in:
• Outlook Express.
• Internet Explorer.
• Windows Explorer.

But follwing the 80/20 rule, Keystroke permits most normal Function Key operations, forcing you to only press F-lock to enable proper <Ctrl> + <Fn> sequence operation when required.

Robaye wrote on 2006/04/04:
Thanks Ken, solution works for me! Thanks everyone else as well.

Skinner wrote on 2006/07/20:
An option that works for me is taping they F-Lock key down. I know it sounds dumb but it works, as nothing else works for me. It may not work on your computer due to how many times your computer checks for a keyboard durring boot and the same for windows. To test this, just hold the button down and restart your computer. once windows is loaded, see if the lights on.

Mandy wrote on 2006/11/29:
Okay so I'm not quite sure if this relevant to this topic but my keyboard isn't working, meaning like typing letters and numbers, and I think it has something to do with my F-Lock Key because there's a volume scroller on my keyboard but that works. And, for some strange and idiotic reason, there aren't any lights on my keyboard to tell whether my Num Lock's on, or Caps Lock's on so therefore, I don't know if my F-Lock key is on or off. Anyone know how to fix my problem whether using the F-Lock key or not?

Milo wrote on 2006/11/29:
Do you have a wireless keyboard perhaps? The indicator lights might be on the receiver thingy instead.

Frankie wrote on 2007/01/24:
hai, My logitech S510 remote keyboard isnt working anymore? (mouse ok, remote ok) the only thing that is working is the sleep button, is there a keycombination for (un)locking the keyboard, that I accedently pressed. ?

tried everything, new batt. reset etc.
please help.


Frankie wrote on 2007/01/24:
Hai again, found the solution, A reset from the keyboard is done by removing the batteries, after that keep typing for a minute of, this clears the capacitors also.. insert batteries en reconnect, voila.. keyboard online..
but still don't know what I did that caused the trubble..

regards Frank

Ollie wrote on 2007/03/01:
Ok, i am having the same problem and taking batteries out hasn't helped. Anyone know what i have to hit to unlock my keyboard to be able to use it again?

nocid wrote on 2007/03/26:
Another one to add to the list - I am also having the same problem when pressing left CTRL the PC goes into sleep mode. I have tried batteries out etc. and have also rebuilt PC and same problem occurs. Any answers are are we talking faulty kit?

nocid wrote on 2007/03/26:
From the logitech forums - not tried it yet but sounds good.

Please check the power management on your operating system and follow the steps below:
Right click on desktop and choose Properties
Click on the Screen Saver tab
Under the Monitor Power, click the Power Option
Check your Settings for Home/Office Desk power scheme
Make sure all the fields are stated as Never
Test the system now

Ser wrote on 2008/03/25:
FU Logitech
I had to boot Win.XP for a first time in 5 years just to get my keyboard back through that f##ing Ctrl-Alt-F12 and a bunch of alphanumeric codes. I'll never ever pay money for that cruppy HW. Even MS mice is better -- it does not force me to boot Windows instead of my usual Linux.

Bob D wrote on 2009/01/02:
Please help me I have an easy lock LOGITEH KEYBOARD mouse speaker the letter keys wont work but the f keys and all other keys do is there a function lock key that is preventing the letter keys from working ? Please e-mail answer to