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April 2000

Here's a list of all final entries of the 5K Contest, for the first time including the names of the makers. A lot of good stuff in there...

Rather than mentioning my own 5k-entry once again (try and find it, it's in there), I thought I'd link to some other nice/interesting ones:
- 22: neat drawing tool
- 26: 'we are friend, love us not squishing'
- 33: 5k magazine
- 70: Sierpinsky carpet
- 110: Battleship!
- 168: auto-scrolling Gettysburg address
- 187: haikus over mount Fuji
- 209: intuitive block-stacker

Lots of interesting stuff to read at Joel on Software. Reading thru his insightful articles on usability and UI-design I find it surprising that his (relatively lengthy) pages use a bright white background - not very pleasant for one's eyes, especially late at night. But that's nothing a little Javascript bgcolor-changer can't fix.

marc_dupuich wrote on 2008/12/22:
Where can I find all files 5k (all years), thank you