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July 2001

Just wrote a little script: viacount.php - finds and counts all the [via ...] links in my weblog entries, to satisfy my curiosity about which sites I've swiped the most links from up until now.

And here's the current top five list:
- Alt0169 (13x)
- Metafilter (8x)
- Slashdot (7x)
- Danelope, Zidouta, Low (6x each)
- Memepool (5x)

David wrote on 2001/07/29:
mooi scriptje kun je de source ook eens online zetten?

milov wrote on 2001/07/30:
ok, here's the source:

low wrote on 2001/07/30:
is that a good thing or a bad thing?

milov wrote on 2001/07/30:
i don't see how it's bad, so it's probably good.

low wrote on 2001/07/30:
good! ^_^

David wrote on 2001/07/30:
bedankt! mooi compact scriptje. Waarom zet je niet wat meer php online. Zoals bijvoorbeeld dit commentbook. Dat is toch ook php?

milov wrote on 2001/07/30:
Well, my comments-script is rather proprietary and heavily interconnected with entries and templatesystem. But maybe I'll post some other byte-size php examples that are somewhat easier to grok.